Product Summary

The H20R1202 is a reverse conducting IGBT with monolithic body diode.


H20R1202 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Collector-emitter voltage, VCE: 1200V; (2)DC collector current, TC = 25℃, IC: 40; (3)DC collector current, TC = 100℃, IC: 20; (4)Pulsed collector current, tp limited by Tjmax, ICpuls: 60; (5)Turn off safe operating area (VCE ≤ 1200V, Tj ≤ 175℃): 60; (6)Diode forward current, TC = 25℃, IF: 40; (7)Diode forward current, TC = 100℃, IF: 20; (8)Diode pulsed current, tp limited by Tjmax, IFpuls: 30; (9)Diode surge non repetitive current, tp limited by Tjmax, TC = 25℃, tp = 10ms, sine halfwave, IFSM: 50A; (10)Gate-emitter voltage, Vge: ±20V; (11)Transient Gate-emitter voltage (tp < 5 ms), Vge: ±25V; (12)Power dissipation, TC = 25℃, Ptot: 330W; (13)Operating junction temperature, Tj: -40 to +175℃; (14)Storage temperature, Tstg: -55 to +175℃.


H20R1202 features: (1)Powerful monolithic Body Diode with very low forward voltage; (2)Body diode clamps negative voltages; (3)TrenchStop and Fieldstop technology for 1200 V applications offers; (4)NPT technology offers easy parallel switching capability due to positive temperature coefficient in VCE(sat); (5)Low EMI; (6)Qualified according to JEDEC1 for target applications; (7)Pb-free lead plating; (8)RoHS compliant; (9)Complete product spectrum and PSpice Models.


H20R1202 simplified diagram